Someone Spray Painted Homer Simpson All Over the MFA

Leighann Morris
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In a case of life imitating art, last week an anonymous miscreant spraypainted images of Homer Simpson all over the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The cartoon character’s face appeared on exterior walls and the pedestal for the museum’s iconic Appeal to the Great Spirit sculpture. A groundskeeper who asked not to be identified said she was “bummed” when she walked around the art museum on Friday morning and found the graffiti.

By late afternoon Friday, a spokesperson from the museum said the graffiti was being cleaned off of the property and officials from the Museum of Fine Arts are investigating. The security company that runs the museum’s surveillance cameras had also been notified, and officials confirmed they were working with the Boston Police to look into the matter.

Homer vandal: Identify yourself. Is this a statement? Are you a Yellowist? How much do you like the Simpsons? Please get in touch so we can hand you into the proper authorities after interviewing you.

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