Sophie Ebrard's Amsterdam

Description: Image courtesy Sophie Ebrard

In the second installment of our city-life series, we cede control of the site to Sophie Ebrard – a Swiss-French photographer – who lives and works in Amsterdam.

Can you tell me a bit about your work? 

I am a documentary portrait photographer. I started shooting professionally 4 years ago. It’s all about anticipation and understanding of what’s going to happen in front of your camera. I like the thrill of waiting to press the shutter at the exact right time.


If anything is typical of your body of work, it’s privileged access, but maybe intimacy is the right word.

I like that notion of “privileged access”. Showing glimpses of people’s lives with my more personal work, is what I do. I always try to get close to my subject even though sometimes I only meet them briefly. I think maybe I’m good at making people feel relaxed by disappearing and making myself almost invisible. Maybe it’s easier because I’m petite.

Can you tell me about some of your projects?

I am working on my first solo exhibition. The project “It’s just love” is a series of visual investigations into the porn industry. I have followed a director on his shoots for the last two years. 

You live in Amsterdam, can you tell me a little about why you’re there?

I moved to Amsterdam for love. I’m slowly realizing that it’s a great place to live (even though the weather is worse than it is in London.) Going back to London feels overwhelming: the amount of people, the bustle, the hassle. Amsterdam is the place where I slow down and take the stock.  

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