The Orion: A Constellation Of Creativity

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From Timisoara, a city in the south-west of Romania and a centre of avant-garde revolutionary culture, The Orion shines as one of the oldest members of the street art scene, having been a part of the Romanian street art family since the first official stencil exhibition in Romania took place in 2008. 

Why did you choose street art?

I find it a more liberating medium; there are no rules, you don’t have to follow certain colors or techniques, it’s all a mix. It’s an expression of one’s freedom and everybody can do whatever they want. And there’s no degree for it, you cannot graduate from street art. The street is the biggest urban gallery and you can always get honest feedback from people, it’s a medium free of censorship.

When did you start doing stencils?

I’ve been doing stencils for over ten years and I’m one of the few artists in Romania who have been fortunate enough to contribute to the rise and evolution of Romanian street art.

The Orion is constantly inspired by a curiosity to understand what hides beyond the stars and his art mirrors a map of the sky, changing perspectives about astronomy.

In 2011, 50 years after the first human presence occurrence in outer space, The Orion dedicated one of his works to the renowned astronaut Yuri Gagarin. It’s an ample project, of significant proportion, placed under a central bridge in the city. 4 years down the line, the piece is a local landmark and people continue to uncover new meanings for it. The Gagarin Man is directing some looks to the sky as you are reading this.

Recently, The Orion has started experimenting with a mix of street art and light painting:

“This photo made me a nominee for the International Light Painting Award 2015. Let me tell you a short story about it. Early on this year, 2015 was declared the International Year of Light - Cosmic Light - and I instantly knew that I wanted to do something with it. I had this light painting over my mural idea for some time, an alternate take of "Genesis". In one night, with the help of four friends, we took single exposure photos for more than an hour, in search for the perfect take. We only had that night to shoot, to process the photo in the morning, and by noon to submit it to the contest. I was one of the nominees for this award. From 983 worldwide submissions, mine was nominated in the best 100. And once again, I'm just happy that I got so far!”

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