The Unconventional Story Of Our New International Packaging Design

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Here at Grolsch, we have a tradition of doing things differently. That’s why when the time came to refresh our international packaging design, we decided to take an unconventional approach,

Rather than hiring a specialised agency, we took the unusual step of inviting a collective of urban creatives from all sorts of professions and backgrounds to work together. The process of designing the new look was done through a series of sessions held at a pop-up creative incubator in Amsterdam called ‘the Grolsch Greenhouse’.  

We invited urban creatives from all over the world – open minded people who have the same attitude towards life and share our firm belief that unconventional thinking leads to new ideas that make life, and in our case our beer, a bit better and more interesting.

And by teaming up, we jointly came up with fresh and better ideas for our new look. Ideas we would have never found otherwise. The result? A new, contemporary look that prepares us for the future whilst preserving important elements from our past. Clean, modern and crisp. Just like we like it. We hope you do too.

The new international packaging design was introduced at the very first (un)Convention in Amsterdam; an interactive exhibition, where we brought together creatives and artists to engage, inspire and illustrate what creative thinking can bring.  To celebrate the launch we’ve put together a short film on four creatives who are living proof of unconventional thinking and the progress creativity can bring.

We hope their stories inspire you to start your own unconventional tradition. To start using unconventional thinking to make life a little better.

Watch the short film here. 

Check out the gallery below to find out what happened at our very first (un)Convention. 

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    Unconventional by Tradition

    Discover how urban creatives helped us design our new packaging.

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