Tuesday Art Links: David Cameron Won't Sit For A Portrait

Leighann Morris
Image via The Guardian

If you've ever thought about art and wondered "what's the haps?", well, wonder no more. Our weekly list of art links is here to give you the low-down.

David Cameron’s diary is too full to sit for a portrait before May’s UK general election, say reports. In place of an official portrait, please enjoy Cameron’s face pasted onto Margaret Thatcher’s. [Independent]

Anti-Colonialist filmmaker Rene Vautier has passed away aged 86. The large majority of his films were banned and condemned for criticising French colonialism, notably “Africa 50”, which landed him in prison for a year aged just 20. [ArtDaily]

Learn about how Britain aimed to protect its art from nuclear war in the ‘80s. (Spoiler: our art may have gone to Wales) [Bloomberg]

Hey Madonna, don’t edit images of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. to look like your album cover. Everyone’s mad at you. [NYTimes]

New York Times Magazine suspiciously profiled Stefan Simchowitz in an article titled “The Art World’s Patron Satan”. [NYTimesMag]

Goodbye to Language trailer

Goodbye to Language, Jean-Luc Godard’s most recent film, has won the US National Society of Film Critics award for film of the year in 2014. It involves a dog, an affair and beautiful cinematography. [BBC]

An updated breakdown of Tania Bruguera’s clash with Cuban authorities who prevented her from staging a performance last week. [Hyperallergic]

What does it look like to be jailed in the women’s division of the Los Angeles County jail system for two months? This! [LAWeekly]

Does anyone care about the authenticity of Tracey Emin’s My Bed? Anybody? [SundayTimes]

Jeff Koons has been accused of plagiarising. Again. [ArtNet]

Jonathan Jones talks some sense: Where are the poor in art today? We’re bored of, and becoming sickened by, diamond-encrusted-skull-type-art. It’s about the rich, for the rich. [Guardian]

...That said, Damien Hirst is opening a free art complex in South London this year. [TAN]

GET. OVER. YOURSELVES. Less ego-art in 2015 PLEASE. [Artnet]

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