Work On Canvas: Bringing Ideas To Life With Wouter Vos

Grolsch Canvas

Over the last two months we’ve been meeting working artisans to celebrate their skill and creativity and highlight the influence and inspiration of their surroundings – all as part of our Work On Canvas collaboration with jeanmakers Denham. This week we meet our final artisan, furniture maker Wouter Vos. Wouter lovingly crafts handmade furniture using wood and iron which already has its own story, and through his unconventional ideas and his skill he transforms these materials into unique and beautiful pieces of furniture, perfectly bridging the gap between nostalgia and modern design.

Watch the short film below to learn more about Wouter’s craft and keep checking back throughout this week as we follow Wouter’s story, discovering how his creativity, craft and experiences help him transform his surroundings.

Unconventional by Tradition

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