Work On Canvas: From Virgin To Vintage

Grolsch Canvas

The wear and tear of our clothes can speak volumes about our personalities, our passions and our experiences. From the paint-covered clothes of artists to the stains, rips and scuffs that remind us of our fondest experiences, we see these marks not as inconveniences, but as maps sharing our own personal journeys.

We met with seven modern working artisans who are using unconventional ideas and techniques to shape their surrounding and push their crafts forward, and we fitted them with a brand new pair of Denham jeans. We then followed them for six months as they lived and worked in them, allowing the materials and movement of their work to wear into their jeans to tell unique stories about their art, their lives and the city they live in.

After meeting these artisans, telling their stories and finding out more about their inspirations, lives and work, it's finally time to reveal the ways that the artisans and their jeans changed over half a year of work. These photos show how each artisan’s jeans transformed with them throughout their journey.

Hidde Suvaal - Wasteland Gardener.: Learn more about Hidde's journey.
Julia Leunge - Metal Restorer: Learn more about Julia's journey.
Thijs Kruithof - Decorative Painter: Learn more about Thijs' journey.
Tom van Noesel - Table Maker: Learn more about Tom's journey.
Joost Nawjin - Bottle Maker: Learn more about Joost's journey.
Wouter Vos - Furniture Maker: Learn more about Wouter's journey.
Tom and Harry - Table Makers
Joram Barbiers - Metal Worker: Learn more about Joram's story.

Unconventional by Tradition

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