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Celebrating the best in contemporary (and not-so-contemporary) culture, around the world

Canvas was launched to cover and celebrate the best and most interesting culture from around the world, ignoring borders and convention along the way. We cover everything, be it a brilliant filmmaker from Montreal, photographer from Bogota or music producer from Amsterdam; be it a treasure trove of unknown 1970s polaroids, or the most cutting edge graphic design.

The Netherlands has long been the home of creativity and freer-thinking. It gave us Bas Jan Ader, the provocative and heartbreaking performance Dutch artist; it gave us Provo, the radical group who initiated the first ever bicycle sharing scheme; it gave us the pop-functional furniture of Rietveld, and the brilliant but less-than-functional architecture of Aldo Van Eyck. It gave us countless movies, paintings, buildings and songs. And, of course, it gave us Grolsch, the two-hop brewers who've always sought to invest back into that culture of untrammelled creativity, who've always chosen interesting over conventional, and brilliant over boring.


For 400 years we have believed in the power of creative expression and independent thinking. And below you can find out how those qualities show up in our distinctive and bold beer. 

Our ingredients

We hope you enjoy the distinctive taste of Grolsch as much as we love brewing it. We owe our four century history and superb quality to the Craftmanship and Artistry of our skilled brewers and the selection of the finest all natural ingredients.

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Soft Water

When the new brewery was built our Brewmaster demanded that our prized spring water remain in use. That is why we built a 7km pipeline to draw water from the original source.

100% Pure Barley

The finest single variety malted barley is added to provide a rich, golden colour and our renowned full-bodied character.

Two Hops

One hop is added in the beginning of the brewing process for a delicate bitter taste and another at the end of the brewing process for a refined spicy aroma.


A unique strain of yeast is added to the brew that is maintained by a rigorous selection process overseen by our Master Brewer.


For 400 years the balanced hoppy taste of Grolsch has been enjoyed the world over. With 5% ABV it comes in a range of packages from refreshing draught to our iconic Swingtop bottle.

The Brewery

The grolsch brewery

When the new Grolsch brewery was built, the Master Brewers demanded that the original source of natural, soft spring water remain in use – hence we built a 7km long water pipe to keep drawing water from the original source to ensure the original Grolsch taste remained intact.

Visit the Grolsch Brewery

Our Address

Royal GrolschBrouwerslaan 1 7548XA Enschede, The Netherlands

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Opening Hours

There are three tour times, each day from Wednesday to Friday.

  1. Morning: 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon.
  2. Afternoon: 1:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  3. Evening (except Fridays): 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices (per person)

EUR 10.00
EUR 12.50

Minimum age is 18.

Call and book:
+31 (0)53 483 32 90

Brewed in Holland Since 1615

At Grolsch we have always aimed for ‘Vakmanschap is meesterschap’ – Dutch for Craftmanship & Artistry – and doing things a little different from the rest.

  1. Today


    A 7km pipe connects the original spring water with the new Grolsch brewery, the world’s most advanced and ecologically friendly brewery where we re-use our bottles and recycle over 99% of waste.



    Our signature bottle is introduced. While it has been made taller, thinner and given a flat side, what remains is over a century of the famed Swingtop. “My beer deserves a special kind of bottle.” – Theo de Groen, Grolsch Brewmaster



    Guild master Peter Cuyper revolutionized the brewing process when he introduced a second hop to our beer; winning not only awards but the founder’s daughter’s heart and hand in marriage – a beer made from love.



    It all started when Willem Neerfeldt started brewing Grolsch in the town of Grolle (now Groenlo) . The name translates to ‘green wood’, so Grolsch is known as ‘the beer from the green woods’.