Watch the Real John E du Pont in a Cheesy 80s Video

Gfw Staff

By now you’ve probably seen – or at least heard – about Foxcatcher, the film about how billionaire John E du Pont started a wrestling team with fatal consequences.

It’s based on a true story, which means John E du Pont is an actual person who actually existed. He had a large nose, just like Steve Carell in the film. He tilted his head back when he spoke, just like Steve Carell in the film. And yes, he actually made that cheesy documentary bigging himself up, just like Steve Carell in the film.

Speaking of which, we’ve dug said film up from the huge online moving-image archive known as YouTube. And it seems like the filmmakers didn’t have to exaggerate all that much for the comic 80s effect. It’s all there: a poor script delivered to camera, an emphatic voiceover, some stuff about cows. I don't know about you but those "Here at Foxcatcher" lines bring The Simpsons' Troy Mcclure to mind...

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